Monday, September 6, 2010

Steak on a Stone in Willoughby

Steak on a Stone is an inventive idea on how to cook proteins.  In ancient history cooking on a heated stone was used on daily basis and at this restaurant you can "travel back in time" and have a unique dinning experience.

Food---This restaurant is like no place I have ever eaten.  You order your entree and the protein will come out raw and you get to cook it yourself on a volcanic stone that is 750 degrees.   They have everything from steaks, seafood, chicken and lamb that all can be cooked on the heated stone.  I ordered the lamb chops and and my girlfriend ordered a sirloin steak.   Both proteins  cooked amazingly well on the stone.   The key is to cut thin slices of meat and give it a good quick sear on the outside.  After about a minute you flip it over and sear the other side.  What this does is it traps in the moisture while the meat quickly cooks and the inside remains melt in your mouth tender.   This also allows each and every bite you have to taste like it was your first bite.  If cooking on the stone isn't your thing you can order off the regular menu where they cook it for you, but where is the fun in that!   The meal comes with a salad and bread in addition to the side and choice of 3 sauces for your protein.  The salad dressing was homemade and very very tasty!   I absolutely loved the food at Steak on a Stone and I recommend you go outside of the box and try it!  5/5

Drinks---They mostly have your standard bud light and miller lite type beers.  They did have Samuel Adams Summer Ale and a Great Lakes on draft but if you are looking for a vast selection of beer this is not the place.   The wine list was just OK but my lady did enjoy her red wine.  If you were looking for a vodka or gin and tonic they also have a stocked liquor selection as well.   To me having a good quality Craftbeer or glass of wine is a must with a good protein and I hope that Steak on a Stone widens their selection of Craftbeer in the future.  2.75/5

Overall---This place is all about the food.  Cooking your own food on a stone might not be some people's idea of a quality dinner, but please don't pass judgment until you try it.   It was honestly one of the most fun dinner experiences I have had, and the food was great!  Our service was quick and friendly.   The restaurant decor is also very nice.  The main dinning area has high ceilings which makes you feel like you are in a big restaurant.  There are also seats available in the bar area. Call ahead for a reservation because if they are busy you might have to wait a little while for a table.   You will see me back at Steak on a Stone! 4.5/5

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Anonymous said...

I went to the one in North Olmsted and though it was just average. The steak was standard nothing special and the service and side were standard. The problem I did have was when I went there ventialtion with in the restaurant must have been poor. Because you could see a very small haze of smoke in the dining area and worst was that this smell of cooking food was stuck to my coat and clothes. On the way home in the car I started to get sick cause I kept smelling this sent. Its not like a BBQ or grill smell more like a spoiled meat smell.

Again maybe things have improved but this was when the North Olmsted location was the only location.

Unknown said...

I recently dined at this do-it-yourself establishment and it was a good experience. The scent when you walk it is similar to a cookout - to me it smelled like hamburger, but it wasn't uninviting. I went with three others and no one got the steak, but myself and a fellow diner got the chicken on the stone. The hot-stone process seemed like complicated when just reading about on the menu, but in the end, it wasn't at all. The sides were tasty and the chicken was seasoned well - enough to make grilled chicken a but more exciting. I'd go back!

Cosmo said...

We went to the Steak on a Stone Thanksgiving Buffet; 11/25/10. I was prepared for a traditional Thanksgiving day feast; but what was offered was awful at best.The buffet food was awful and not properly warm. Cold sweet potatoes are not my favorite. We both became ill the next morning and had to take Immodium. The "turkey breast" was salty, the "prime beef roast", had more fat than meat, and the "ham" looked and tasted like Spam. Who has a proper Thanksgiving Bubbet without a whole turkey??? The sweet potatoes were not hot at all and the rest of the "sides" were mediocre at best. They had "breakfast items", bacon swimming in grease and other items as well. The server was friendly but I could see it in her face my displeasure with the food. The only items that were fine was the rolls and butter. The I never had prison food, but I bet that would have been an improvement. What a waste of $40.00!

Brad said...

I am shocked by this! Did you call and complain? I have never eaten a meal like that there so I have no idea. The two times I have been there the food has been really good...I did cook it myself too!


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