Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gusto in Little Italy

Food---I had a homemade pasta with wild boar meat sauce. The portion for an entree was slightly small in my opinion for the price, but the taste was excellent. I actually wished there was more on my plate.  My Lady's 12oz pork chop was good, but the description of flavors sounded much more grand than what was delivered on the plate.  The gorgonzola cheese on top of the pork chop enhanced the flavor of the meat, the only problem was that there were only a few chunks, so once she ate those pieces the flavors diminished quickly.   The meal also did not come with a salad which at $25-$35 per entree I think it should.  Salads ranged from $5-9 per salad.   The meal only came with bread and butter. 3.5/5

Drinks---A large, but expensive wine list is available. Our choice was Chianti for $9 a glass and we were not disappointed by the dry flavor at all!   Glasses run from $8-15 and bottles were $35 up to $100+.  3.75/5

Overall---  The service was quick and prompt.  I can only comment on the street side seating since we did not sit inside.  I personally loved sitting curbside.  Talking to people passing by as we ate and drank was fun for us.   Two Entrees and two glasses of wine will run you $60 at least...if you each add a salad try $75. This would be a good place to go for a special occasion.  3.5/5

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Anonymous said...

I had the pork chop dish as well. I thought the amount of blue cheese was adequate but the pork chop was overcooked which left it dry. Too bad because it sounded so good.

Brad said...

I agree totally with the overcooked and dry comment. 5mins less on the heat would have done it wonders in terms of the meats flavor. You must have gotten lucky with the cheese amount. The pork chop we had only had about 5 small crumbles on it. Thanks for your comment and viewing my blog! Hope to see you back!

Eric Lives 2 Eat said...

I agree, Gusto isn't a bad restaurant, but for the price and the location, it leaves something more to crave. Personally, in Little Italy, I'd rather go for another restaurant! Try La Trattoria for some cheaper by just as tasty if not tastier food!


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