Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Lakes Brewery---Ohio City Downtown

Food---My choice for the night was one that came highly recommended by our waiter.  It was a burger seasoned with Cajun spices topped with Swiss cheese and lettuce. I requested that burger was cooked to a medium temperature and I also got the sweet potato fries instead of the regular ones.   The food was a big hit.  The burger was awesome.  I don't know how else to say it!  It was seasoned perfectly.  Not too spicy, but just enough Cajun spice that it kept your tongue a little hot.  The Swiss cheese was a perfect complement because of its flavor against the Cajun spices.  It worked perfectly together.  The Burger was also cooked to a perfect medium temperature which left it super juicy inside, but not dripped juice everywhere while I ate.  They seared the burger on the outside first to lock those juices and it worked like a charm.   The sweet potato fries were drizzled with honey and they were really good as well.  There wasn't anything left on my plate when my meal was over. The moral of the food story was that everyone loved their food and there was not one complaint at our table at all about the food taste or quality!  4.75/5
Drinks---Being a brewery I expected great things in terms of fresh quality brews, I was not let down.   First, I started with the Nosferatu, and followed that up with the Commodore Perry IPA and finally the Burning River Pale Ale.   I also had a good sample of the Wright Pils as well.   The CraftBeer Review Page has in-depth write ups about all 4 beers. All of the beers were fresh and that is what you'd expect at a place like Great Lakes.  There wasn't a hint of other beer mixed with another like I've experienced at some breweries who might get a little lazy washing out their tanks.  These beers were top notch and with 10 freshly brewed beers available, what more can you ask for.  5/5.
Commodore Perry IPA
Burning River Pale Ale
Wright Pils
Overall---Our service was excellent.  Our waiter was not only quick to bring food and drinks, but he was also extremely helpful in recommending top quality food.  We also liked that our dishes were cleared quickly when we were finished eating.  We choose to sit outside because the weather was beautiful last night.  The patio is very nice and not overcrowded or loud.  There is also an awesome gift shop with t-shirts, glasses, posters...basically you name it they have it with Great Lakes on it.  I was lucky enough that I got a really cool Christmas Ale glass for the upcoming season!  Great Lakes is a place that I'll go back to for sure because of the great food, great service and great beers.  5/5
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