Monday, April 25, 2011

Touch Supper Club--Brunch Edition

After nearly two months after planning it, Renee of The Brewers Daughter, her husband Paul of Journeyman Cook, my fiancee and I finally made it to Touch Supper Club for Brunch.  We have heard they had an amazing brunch offering along with a killer Bloody Mary bar, so we had to check it out for ourselves.

The menu for brunch is very extensive and creative.  From Chicken and Waffles, to Omelets, to your basic pancakes, Touch seems to have something for everyone.  My fiancee chose the Breakfast Burritto.  It comes packed with cheese, scrambled eggs, tater tots, peppers, onion, chicken, sour cream and salsa.  It also is served with a side of Tater Tots.  The Burrito was cooked perfectly both inside and out.  The ingredients inside were lightly seasoned and seemed to melt together in perfect harmony.  The Tater Tots were crispy, fresh, and lightly seasoned as well.  She enjoyed the Tater Tots in Burrito but felt that having the Tater Tots in the burrito and as a side, "totted" her out.  The amount of food that came on the plate is enough to fill even the biggest of breakfast eaters.
For my breakfast I like to keep things simple.  I order the Scrambled Eggs, Canadian Bacon, and Pancakes. It also came with a side of Tater Tots.  When my plate came out I was shocked at the amount of food, and the two frisbee sized pancakes!  The eggs were perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned.  I appreciate the light seasoning because it gives me a chance to determine if I want more salt or pepper.  The bacon was crispy and the pancakes were wonderful because they were thick, but remained light and fluffy.  I tried my very best to finish everything on the plate, but that second pancake just couldn't be eaten.  
The amount of food is substantial, but the quality of the food is the real story. Everyone at the table thoroughly enjoyed their brunch.  The average price for a dish is around $10 and is well worth it because of the quality and the amount of food you get!

The star of the show is the Bloody Mary bar, but they do also offer Mimosas.   My fiancee and Renee both chose to get the Bloody Mary Bar.  You can choose any flavor of vodka you want and it is served to you chilled in a shaker.  You then can pour as much or a little vodka you want into your glass and then you head up to the bar to make whatever version of a Bloody Mary you want. They ingredients are all fresh and there were so many I figured this picture would speak louder than my words could!  If you are a fan of Bloody Marys you cannot go wrong at the Touch Supper Club Brunch!
Atmosphere, Service and Overall
Touch is such a cool and retro place to eat.  You really feel like you are at home in the relaxed environment.  Our server was friendly and prompt throughout the meal, and never made us feel like we were in a rush.  It really was a relaxing Brunch service with some great friends!  If you are looking for a fun place to eat on a Sunday morning that offers high quality food, I highly recommend you give Touch Supper Club Brunch a try!
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Bite Buff said...

One of our favorite Sunday brunch spots. :)

BrewersDaughter said...

That was a wonderful brunch--I loved the bloody mary bar, and my eggs benedict was perfect!

CLEgal said...

We're going to Touch for brunch next month...can't wait to try the Bloody Mary bar!


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