Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sowfood CSA Prepared Services

I wanted to pass along some information about Chef Brian Doyle's Sowfood CSA Prepared Services
Information from Brian Doyle:  Subscribe to a season of prepared meals made with local ingredients and stuff we grow ourselves at our new urban farm.

Committing to a full season costs $90/week. (plus costs of containers)
Pick up is Thursday 10 am to 1 pm at Open Yoga gallery 4736 Lorain Avenue which is right across the street from our farm and the partner of Open Yoga, Chad Krawtschenko is in charge of the farm.

What you get: 3 meals per week to serve 2 adults each meal. The break down is $15/person
This includes all ingredients needed to make a well rounded meal. Protein, starch and veg components.

Subscription options:
1. full 20 week commitment $90/week (plus container deposit)
2. month to month with full commitment $95/week (plus container deposit)
3. month long plan with no long term commitment $100 (plus container deposit)

I am offering a rare "white squirrel" special. (cuz our mascot is a white squirrel that lives on the farm)

Sign up for full season subscription by June 26th and get a free meal added to your weekly service. Now you could split that with another family if you want to and have at least 2 meals each week to yourself. That's a great way to go if you still like to cook a lot and go out. Maybe you'd like to split that with someone you know.

If you are interested contact Brian at 440-622-5071 or email him at

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