Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Not To Love about CLE?!?!

Writing two blogs, Cleveland Food and Brews and Cleveland Food and Brews-Craftbeer,  I know I post, tweet and facebook often.  I do this not because I'm bored or have all this extra time on my hands, I do it because I seriously love this city and I want everyone to know what is happening around town.  I was not born or raised here like many of you, but I've been living here for over 14 years and have no plans of ever leaving this great city.  In these 14 years I've seen the rise and fall of every sports team, more falls than rises recently!  I am a die hard Indians and Browns fan, and with the Indians opening day just a day away I'm just as excited as I've ever been.  What I love most about the Indians fans are we are with our team through the good times and the bad.  Sure we all know that we are probably going to be lucky to finish above .500 again this year, but what I'm most excited about is watching all this young talent develop like it did back in the early 90's!  I'm also excited to see the Indians taking food and craftbeer more seriously.  Just recently published this story about the new beer scene at the Jake (I refuse to call it the Prog.)  If the improved beer scene wasn't enough, the food scene is getting in on the action as well.  I recently wrote about some of the restaurant offerings for Friday here.  And all year I am sure places like East 4th street will be booming with great food before, during and after the games!  LET'S GO TRIBE!!!
If baseball wasn't enough to get you excited about this spring/summer then look no further than the great culinary scene that is booming in Cleveland.  Groups like Emerging Chefs, Dinner in the Dark, and C-Town Chowdown are just some examples of groups doing amazing things around food.  Both Emerging Chefs and Dinner in the Dark host monthly events that are sure to please any foodie.  In addition to these events the Cleveland area food trucks are looking to expand on the successful first C-Town Chowdown and have monthly events around Cleveland.  I will do my best to post information on my sites about each and every event from these groups.  In addition, as I learn about new groups I will help to spread the word about those as well.
Outside of events, we have a booming restaurant scene with some amazing chefs.  Everyone in Cleveland knows about Chef Michael Symon and his Lola, Lolita, B-Spot hot spots.  What he has done for Cleveland will never be forgotten and is appreciated by all!  His efforts have swung the door wide open for other amazing chefs and restaurants in Cleveland.  It would be impossible to make a list of every great restaurant and chef in Cleveland today. That post would be way too long to read, and I would hate to leave someone off the list!!!  What I can tell you is that I am going to do my best to try as many of these restaurants in Cleveland as possible and give you my honest opinion about them.  I've already reviewed some of them already so be sure to check out my previous reviews on the right hand side of the page.

If the sports and food scene wasn't enough to make you LOVE Cleveland then the craftbeer scene should put you over the top.  To see so many local breweries win awards and honors should tell you just how good we have it here in Northeast Ohio!  Just last night we had our March Cleveland Craftbeer Community event at Ballantine.   Events like this are what makes me love Clevelanders even more.  I encourage you to attend one of our events and get to know some of the people who love craftbeer.  I've made some really great friends by just sitting around and sharing a few pints!  The event is open to the public and there is never a cover charge or anything for any meetup!
I want to thank everyone who has viewed both of sites.  I love writing about Cleveland and every time I attend a sporting event, have dinner with old and new friends, or share a pint with my craftbeer peeps it just fuels my fire to write even more about this GREAT city!

Ok....My rant is over!   If you don't totally LOVE Cleveland like I do I encourage you to go out and catch a Tribe game, hit up a local restaurant and grab a pint of something brewed locally.

Here is a little treat if you love Tom Hamilton!  He is the best announcer in baseball!!
(I randomly found this on youtube!)


CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

What a fantastic post! So many great reasons to love CLE.

Renee said...

Well said, Brad! There's so much to love about our city. No magazine will ever understand that statistics do not accurately reflect what we live everyday. Our sports teams may bring us both joy and heartache, but we love them all the same. And, they teach us some valuable lessons about life. Our local food and craft beer scene is under-rated and often overlooked by the national media. However, we're lucky to have so many talented chefs and brewers call this home. At its heart, Cleveland is about its people and we're the greatest asset of all!

Amanda @ Clue Into Cleveland said...

Your post's label "I love Cleveland" says it so well!

I enjoy meeting others like me who are not native to Cleveland and think it's great that there are a lot of people who have adopted this city as their home and don't plan on leaving it.

Very excited for my first Emerging Chefs in April and future C-Town Chowdowns.

In addition to the food, beer and sports, I've found we also have an amazing arts and theatre scene that rivals (and often surpasses) those of other cities I've lived in.

Ok, comment rant over. Again, great post!

Unknown said...

Love this post!! And the fact that you have a Hammy clip probably makes it my fav on your blogs.


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