Friday, November 5, 2010

My First Guest Post on the Daily Beer Review Blog

Today, Friday November 5th,  marks the day I get to write my first guest post on a blog!  The blog in which I wrote for is called the Daily Beer Review.  This blog is written by "Beer Drinker Rob" who currently resides in Florida.   To keep it very simple the blog is, as its name suggests, a daily review of some sort of brew that Rob can get his hands on.  His reviews are well written and filled with information about each and every brew.  He also does a great job providing at least 3-4 pictures along with this posts too.   Rob also takes the time monthly to review his top 5 beers of the month. I highly suggest you check out my guest post and the rest of his blog as well!   He is also on twitter @dailybeerreview

Here is a hint as to what I reviewed!  Go to Daily Beer Review now to check it out!

1 comment:

Bite Buff said...

If you're ever interested in doing another guest post, let me know! I'm still recovering from surgery and not really back to blogging yet. Some of my blogger friends have stepped in to entertain my readers. I rarely write about beer, so a guest post about beer would be fun!


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