Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harry Buffalo in Painesville

The Harry Buffalo is a fun, family friendly restaurant that offers a very unique menu item that everyone that is a meat lover should try...Buffalo!   My girlfriend's nephew (who is two) loves the buffaloes on the walls of the Harry Buffalo.  He literally asked her yesterday afternoon if we would "Go to Buffalo" with him, his parents and my girlfriends parents for dinner last night.  How could we so no to that?  

Food---When you go to the Harry Buffalo you would be crazy not to get a Bison Burger.  I ordered the traditional Bison burger with swiss cheese, lettuce and white onion.  I asked that it be cooked no more than medium because the bison meat is very lean and can dry out quickly if overcooked.  Did you know... Bison is actually healthier for you than traditional ground meat.   The chef did not disappoint me at all.  The bison was a light pink inside and nice and juicy!  I love the seared buffalo on the outside of the bun too, it really adds to the presentation!     What I love most about Bison meat is the slight gamey taste that it has, yet it doesn't dominate the flavors that explode from this flavorful meat.  The Yukon Gold waffle fries are also something that should be mentioned because they were super crispy and fresh.  They were perfectly seasoned and a certain two year old kept walking around the table eating all our fries because he already devoured his basket!  

My girlfriend ordered the Fried Egg Bison Burger.  Her burger came topped with American cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon and an over-easy egg that was all topped with a bacon-chive spread.   The smoked bacon and oozing yolk of the over-easy egg really made the flavors pop and went perfectly with the juicy and perfectly cooked burger!   Her fries were also very good, but somehow she managed to avoid the little T-Rex that was walking around eating everyone elses fries!   Overall we were very pleased with the quality of our meal, the portion size and the fact that they cooked the bison to perfection!  If I had to nit-pick one thing I would have loved more fries to come with the you can see in the pictures there really wasn't that many on each platter.   4.5/5.
Another shot of my Bison Burger
Drinks--The Harry Buffalo does an admirable job of having a pretty good Craftbeer selection on draft.  Just to name a few brews: Dogfish Head 60min IPA, Stone Arrogant Bastard, Great Lakes Christmas Ale, Bells Seasonal and at least 10 other Craftbeers on draft. I picked a Great Lakes Christmas Ale and a Stone Arrogant Bastard as my two beers to have with dinner (click on the beer's name to be taken to the review on my Craftbeer Review Page.)   If you are not a beer fan they also offer a few wine selections and they have a full stocked bar for any kind of mixed drink or cocktail that you'd like.  In terms of selection and quality of drinks I'd give Harry Buffalo a 4/5.
Service and Overall---Our waitress was very friendly and quick to get food and beer orders for our table.  The restaurant was also very busy which made her promptness even more pleasing to our table.  The atmosphere of the Harry Buffalo is fun and is really a nice place to go and relax with your family and friends.   It would also be a good place to go and watch sports because they had flat-screen TVs everywhere.   I recommend that you try Harry Buffalo and that you order one of their great Bison Burgers! 4.5/5
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JPB said...

funny...mason loves fries too...good thing he wasn't there, you'd have no fries at all...I shared this with some of their employees


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