Sunday, November 28, 2010

B-Spot Burgers in Woodmere #3

Last night myself, my girlfriend and another couple decided to get a quick bite to eat at the B-Spot.  I've reviewed the B-Spot twice before and both times we loved their burgers and their Craftbeer selection.  I wasn't going to beat a dead horse and review it for a 3rd time, but we wondered if we would get the same quality of food, and service that we got before. My friends suggested I do a mini review to confirm our curiosity!

Food--We all know why you go to the B-Spot, Burgers!   My choice was a simple bacon cheeseburger.  It came topped with 3 slices of crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and red onions.  I love my burger cooked to a medium temperature.  I find that it gives the perfect combination of juiciness and texture. The B-Spot is very consistent at cooking their burgers to the correct ordered temperature....mine was a perfect medium just liked I asked!   Bacon and Pepper Jack cheese on a juicy burger never tasted so good!

My girlfriend ordered the Lola burger.  It came topped with a fried egg, bacon, pickled red onions, cheddar cheese and mayo.  She ordered her burger medium-well and again it was spot on!  If the bacon and picked red onions were not enough, the runny yolk of the egg adds so much extra flavor what is already a flavor packed burger.  Finally we ordered a side of the Lola Fries.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, these fries are amazing!  Every single time we have ordered them they have come crispy and fresh.  The combination of salt and rosemary makes these fries so good that you could serious eat 2-3 orders of them!  What this 3rd trip to B-Spot did for us was that it really confirmed the consistency of the quality of the food.  You can walk in on any given night and expect to get one of the best burgers you will eat anywhere in Cleveland!  My friend Kelly who was there even said that it was the best burger she has ever eaten! When it comes to burgers this gets a 5/5!

Drinks--Every time I've walked into B-Spot they always have something new and unusual to try in the Craftbeer choices.  I really appreciate that because if they always offered the same drinks one might get bored of always drinking the same thing.  That being said, they do have some selections that don't change in case you do like to drink the same thing over and over again!   With 20 draft beers on tap the B-Spot (even though it is a small place) is doing a great job representing the Craftbeer World!   I had an amazing Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.   In the meantime visit my Craftbeer Review Page5/5

Service--Once again we had good quality service.   Our order was taken quickly, our drinks were brought instantly, and our food came out in a timely fashion.  When you are at a Burger and Beer place there isn't much more you can ask for that that!  My 3rd trip to B-Spot confirms that this restaurant provides quality food, drinks and service and should be on the top of your list if you are hungry for an amazing burger!

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Renee said...

I absolutely agree with your review. It's basically not worth ordering a burger anywhere else in Cleveland! For roughly $10, B-Spot delivers exceptional flavor, perfect temperature, and a fun atmosphere. I'm also always amazed at how fast the food is delivered and I can't get enough of the pickle bar. The fact that the craft beer draft offerings are so extensive only solidifies my love for B-Spot!
My only complaint? I never have room for a milkshake and I hear such great things about them!


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