Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laurello Vineyards and Winery

Besides going to the local watering holes for a good craft beer, my fiancee and I also really enjoy making the trip out to Geneva to enjoy the country and some good Ohio wine.  This trip took us to a few different wineries, but our dinner stop was at Laurello with my future sister and brother-in-law.

Laurello has a few different options on the menu.  Every day options include appetizers such as cheese plates, bread plates and seasonal options such as bruschetta and eggplant caponata.  They also have Paninis and salads available daily.   On Friday and Saturday's they also feature Wood-Fired Tuscan Pizzas.   We decided to go with the "Special Pizza" which was Homemade tomato sauce, Italian sausage, mozzarella and romano cheese for $14.95.
The pizza underwhelmed us in every aspect.  First, I expect a Wood-Fired Tuscan pizza to actually be somewhat crispy.  The very outer edge of the crust did have some crispiness to it, but every other part of the crush was soggy and parts were a little undercooked.  It was impossible to pick up a piece of pizza without the crust just totally flopping over.  This was very disappointing.   Second, the homemade tomato sauce totally lacked flavor.  There was a mild hint of garlic, but outside of that this sauce reminded of a sauce I'd buy at a grocery store, not a home made sauce.  Third, the mozzarella cheese was nothing special and the amount of romano cheese used was hardly noticeable.   The only redeeming quality of this pizza was the rounds of sausage, which did have good flavor, but paired with a below average crust and sauce the sausage couldn't change how we all felt about this pizza.
Something else that we also snacked on but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of was Lucy's eggplant caponata.   A better description of this dish would have been a mildly flavored salsa that came with crostini and cost $7.95.  Overall, our table was not impressed by the food, nor the prices, and therefore I'd have to give Laurello a 1/5 for Food.
What Laurello lacked in terms of food, they made up with it with some very tasty wine.   My fiancee and I only drink dry/red styles so I cannot comment on other wines they offer, but I can tell you that this Cabernet Franc was very good.   It had a mild dry profile with a hint of dark raspberry.  You can buy wine here by the glass or by the bottle and I have included a picture of the wine menu/pricing.  Like most wineries, the only alcoholic beverages offered at Laurello is their wine.  As far as the quality of the wine goes I give Laurello a 4/5.

Atmosphere and Service
A major positive for Laurello is that they have a wonderful outdoor space to sit and relax.   They provide music on the weekends and they also have an area to play bocce!   Service wise you have to walk up to the window to order wine and food and you prepay for everything.  They then will provide you with a number to place on your table and your order is brought out to you.  We loved the outdoor space, but rating the service is nearly impossible since the only real interaction was when I placed the order.
Overall, we'll go back to Laurello because we enjoy the outdoor space and the wine, but I think we will choose to eat elsewhere based on this experience.

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