Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinner in the Dark Special Edition Recap

On Monday May 23rd my fiancée and I attended the Dinner in the Dark Special Edition at AMP150.  When tickets went on sale for this event, I quickly purchased two so we could help support such a worthy cause.  The proceeds to this event went to a scholarship fund in the name of Matthew Finkel and the money will help an under privileged Northeast Ohioan attend the Culinary Institue of America.
My fiancée and I spent nearly all of our time talking with people and walking around and sampling a lot of food. I'm going to keep this recap very short and simple.  I took pictures of each dish we sampled so you could get an idea of what these amazing chefs brought to the table and thought the pictures would speak 1000 words!

First was Fat Casual BBQ that served Smoked Pork Loin, Cabbage w/Bacon, and a Sweet Potato Salad.  The pork loin was simply out of this world!
Next was SOHO--Since you can read the picture I'll just tell you that the spicy jalapeño and refreshing watermelon paired so well together I'm going to try to make this myself on a hot summer day!
SOHO also served a wonderful buttermilk panna cotta with a blackberry bourbon coulis!
Chef Brian Reilly of Greenhouse Tavern served a Sweetbread Po'Boy that was so good I ate two of them!  
Chef Charlotte Muller served up a tasty vegan treat.
Dante served up seared salmon, roe with a crunchy little salad.
Matt Anderson of Umami Asian Kitchen served a crisp with mushrooms pesto.
Chef Ellis Cooley of Amp150 served mussels with little slices of sausage.
Private Chef Eric Wells created a creamy Vichyssoise.
Terry Tarantino of La Strada made a couscous dish with ham, tomatoes, peppers and more!
Bryan Doyle of SOW served pork belly, mushrooms, and ramps on a crisp.
Chef Adam Bostwick and Matt Creighton of Melange made tiny seared scallops and ramps.
Chef Adam Bostwick and Matt Creighton of Melange also made a Chorizo Pierogie!
Palate served up creamy pate on a small crispy piece of bread.
Chef Lanny Chin actually made me enjoy mushrooms with this tempura version!
Finally Chef Rocco served up a very tasty egg roll.
If all of this food wasn't enough there was also some craftbeer available from ThirstyDog, Rust Belt Brewing and Buckeye Brewing!  My favorite beer of the night was the Imperial IPA from Rust Belt.  I look forward to getting a bottle when they release it for sale!
My fiancée and I had a great time at this event.  If we had one wish, it would have been to have some seating around the room so we could take our plates somewhere to sit and eat, rather than standing.  We look forward to attending one of the sit-down Dinner in the Dark events this summer!


Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

SO BUMMED I missed this event! Looks like a great array of food from fab local chefs. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Heller said...

So, you are like me, not a huge fan of mushrooms? Glad I'm not the only Cleveland food blogger with that problem! Nice report!


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