Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eat At Joe's in South Euclid

This morning my girlfriend and I woke up and neither of us felt like cooking breakfast, let alone cleaning up after cooking.   I sent out a tweet that I wanted someone to recommend a good breakfast place near South Euclid/Lyndhurst.  A follower by the name @silkysmooove recommended Eat at Joe's in South Euclid so we thought we'd give it a try since we have never been there.

Food-- I ordered two scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and white toast.  My girlfriend ordered two over easy eggs, hash browns, bacon and wheat toast.  My scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly and very lightly seasoned.  The texture of the eggs were velvety, and with a little bit of extra salt and pepper they were very good.  My girlfriend's egg whites were soft and the runny yolk was not over cooked at all.  Again, the eggs were lightly seasoned with is a good way to serve them because not every likes as much salt and pepper as I do!  Both of us gave a thumbs up to both egg preparations.  We each received three pieces of  very thinly sliced and very crispy bacon.  We both are fans of thin, crispy bacon so this was right up our alley.  Our differences in opinion came with the hash browns.  The hash browns were thinly sliced and chopped and cooked with one side having a very crispy crust.  (You can see the crust better in the picture of my breakfast.)  I personally loved the preparation of these hash browns.  I enjoyed the crispy texture on top and the soft potato texture on the bottom.  I could have eat a whole plate of these!  My girlfriend however prefers softer overall hash browns so these were not her favorite.  My rating is 4.5/5.

Overall--We were very pleased with our breakfast.  The eggs and bacon were cooked exactly how we both like it and hash browns were great in my eyes and good in my girlfriend's eyes.  I also wanted to note that each plate was only $4.00!  For the amount and quality of food we received we thought it was a great value.  We did have to wait about ten minutes to be seated, but after we were seated our coffee came in less than a minute and our order was taken only a few minutes later.  Our food came out quickly and there was always a friendly waitress around to refresh our coffee and to check to see how our meal was.  We look forward to going back to Eat at Joe's for breakfast again soon and I hope that the great food and service continue!  My Rating is 4.5/5.

PS...Bring Cash because they do not accept credit cards!

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I always love to hear of good breakfast joints!


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